I’m opening this section for people who want information about comissioned works.

As many people probably already noticed, my systemas are very “gerenic”, so if someone want a very specific system, I won’t do it for free.
I can script for all RPG Makers.

Things that i won’t do never:
– Things related with online systems.
– Things related to Tankentai.
– Things related to 3D.
Simply don’t ask, I won’t do.

The prices depends on what will be asked, so we can negotiate.
20~30 U$ for “simple” systems, 40~60 U$ for “medium” systems, 60~100 U$ for “hard” systems, and 100 U$+ for “very hard” systems.
By “easy” or “hard” i mean not only the dificult to make the system works, but the estimated time. So an simple mechanic that would take a lot of time to be done, would be classified as “medium” or “hard”.
Everything is negotiable.

Payment is done only via paypal. Generally i send videos of the system working, and once the payment is done, i send the actual script. I won’t send the script before the pay, if someone don’t trust me and think i might scam them, don’t ask for me to make a script.

Once done the script is yours, do whatever you want as long you don’t claim you made it.
if using it on your personal game, credit isn’t required, but it’s required if you decide to subimit it.
You can add whatever license you want to it, as long don’t claim that you created the script.

Also please, this post isn’t the place for negotiations. Any negotiation should be made via Personal Message on one of the contact pages

You can contact me By sending a PM on the following profiles:
RPG Maker Web
I only answer contacts made in English or Portuguese, any PM in other language will be ignored.