Here comes more two scripts, this time both brings new features related to battle: Automatic Battlers and Action Effectiveness.
Automatic Actions allows to create a more complex AI for enemies and actors with Auto Battle. There’s really a LOT of possibilities with this script. No more dumb enemies wasting turns buffing a already buffed target, trying to poison a poisoned target, healing full HP ally and another of really dumb things that they do.
Action Effectiveness allows to change the effect of some actions based on certain conditions. You can make items that doesn’t work on certain characters (No healing with potions for androids : D), also you can restrict the use of some actions, being that specially useful for items, since there is the “Seald Skill” trait for skills xD

Yanfly have some updates: YEA – LDP – Critical and YEA – Steal Item
Atelier Cross relased a script to show Animated Faces on battle and a Battlecry Script

Scripts Updated
» Basic Module v 1.10
» Damage Popup v 1.03